We Love Kate!

Nearly three decades in front of a ­camera lens have given Moss a rich photographic library—which comes in handy with respect to more than just her iconic way of putting clothes together. Her interior-design style is equally innate. Eclectic, she cops to being very hands-on too.

To capture the mood of “a solarized Man Ray picture,” as Moss describes it, Kate teamed up with bespoke-wallpaper house de Gournay to create a silver-tinted ­anemone pattern (according to Greek mythology, the flower is thought to ­symbolize luck). The result of an intimate design process, Anemones in Light depicts cascading blooms overlapping shards of solar radiance, and will become part of de Gournay’s permanent collection. 

Kate's country residence will soon have some new wall candy to admire as well. Moss has designed a daybreak version of Anemones in Light for her bathroom there (it also adorns a hallway in her London home). “I like the feeling of when the sun is just coming up at a music festival, and you have that glowy light,” she says. “This one is pastels and neons—quite psychedelic.” In other words, perfectly Kate Moss.