Aynhoe Park - The Perfect Venue

What Fairytales are made of ... 


Aynhoe Park is not just another private country house. At the heart of 250 acres of Cotswolds countryside, the 17th - Century stately 28 bedroom home is a country house of stories and surprises - a place where the extraordinary happens every day. Behind every door and around every corner, Aynhoe has something remarkable to reveal.

A polar bear in flying googles. A pair of plaster caryatids. The Tardis. A giraffe balloon lifted to the ceiling. A wall of vintage globes. An alligator waiter ....

Much of the house's character comes from its one of a kind collection of art and taxidermy, inspired by a combination of appreciation for classical artwork and sculpture, a love of innovative design and a very British sort of eccentricity.


Sir John Soane's statement staircase is framed with unusual rare architectural plaster. Feathered lamps which share a similarity with an illuminated palm tree are adorned with exquisite ostrich feathers and that's only just the start!  

Aynhoe is a whimsical wonder which wouldn't be out of place in a fairytale kingdom, it really is a sight to be seen.